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Hear It From Our Users: Why We're Rated 4.8 Stars!

User testimonials that highlight our commitment to quality and safety.

"I have been suffering my entire life. I am working very hard to follow a gluten-free diet and it has been very hard. Thank you for this remarkable resource!!!"


"An absolute must-have if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity! This app is so valuable for travel but also for day to day life."


"Sometimes it can be hard to trust other GF apps but I feel confident using this one. A great step forward for the Coeliac community!"

GF Seeker

"As a celiac, I don't just need a GF menu, I need to know about cross contamination and safety protocols. This app has that info since each place is vetted! So helpful!"


"Your app has helped us eat on three separate vacations. It makes me feel so much more comfortable to know that places have been vetted by people who really care."


"I have begun eating out again! Thank you Gluten Dude."


"I am so excited for all of the resources I could ever have imagined all in one app now!!"


"It’s been over 20 years for me and I still get so nervous going out to eat. What you’re doing for our community is amazing."


"Love your app! Used it to find gf beer while traveling. It was at a cool little bar that we would have missed if not for your app."


"Thank you for this app! I trust it so much more than other sources, and really appreciate the three different levels of safety ratings so that I can easily filter based on my comfort level. ."


"Excellent app that is worth the money. I have gone to a dozen restaurants recommended on this app and every one has been fantastic."


"I’m newly diagnosed and finding your app was literally the highlight of my last 10 days. Thanks so much!"


"100% love this app! Thank you for researching all the restaurants before they are added!"


"Perfect app for people who are living with the nightmare that is Celiac disease."


"Just wanted to tell you how worth the money your app is! Thank you!"


"Truly amazing app & definitely a life changer! Thx Mr. Dude!"


I love the app! You make my life so much more convenient! Thank you so much!


"I love the Gluten Dude App! It is a great resource and it is easy to use! Kudos on a job well done!"


"I'm so glad I found this app. Nothing else I have seen has the depth & breadth of useful, up-to-date, and peace-of-mind info on where to safely go. Thank you!!!"


"I’d give this app six stars if I could! Gluten Dude’s vetting helps me understand the steps taken to keep things truly gluten free and to determine if we were comfortable with their processes ahead of time."


"This app is exactly what the GF/Celiac community needs. Love that every restaurant on here is vetted."


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