Your safety is our #1 Priority

The Gluten Dude app does not list any fast food restaurants. Why? Because your health is our greatest concern and there are way too many risks involved. Our goal is not more options, but safer options.

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Our standards, your safety: Compare us to other GF apps

From vetting practices to restaurant quality, see what sets us apart from the rest.

Find Me Gluten FreeAt the heart of our app is a commitment to quality and safety that sets us distinctly apart from competitors like Find Me Gluten Free. Unlike them, we don't just compile extensive lists; we vet every restaurant to ensure they meet our standards for minimizing gluten cross-contamination.

This dedication means we deliberately exclude large chain and fast food restaurants, focusing instead on establishments that prioritize the health and safety of their customers.

Moreover, our app provides additional unique features tailored to the needs of the gluten-free community. For instance, we offer an exclusive airport directory, which guides travelers to safe gluten-free eating options at over 100 international airports, ensuring they can dine safely even while on the move. Our directory of over 17,000 locations to find gluten-free beer caters to those who wish to enjoy their favorite brews without concern. Additionally, we provide access to exclusive coupons for various online gluten-free companies, allowing our users to enjoy discounts on a range of GF products.

These benefits make our app not just a tool for finding safe dining spots but a comprehensive resource for anyone managing a gluten-free lifestyle.

Here's a quick comparison for you...

Feature Gluten Dude Other Apps
Restaurant DirectoryYesYes
Notifications when a Restaurant in Your Area is Added to the AppYesNo
Non-GF Restaurants Described as Celiac Safe/FriendlyNoYes
Non-GF Restaurants VettedYes (with vetting note added)No
Fast Food Restaurants IncludedNo (way too much risk)Yes
Large Chain Restaurants IncludedNo (way too many variables)Yes
Researched Airport Directory with GF OptionsYesNo
Coupons to Online GF CompaniesYesNo
Forum to Get Support & Ask QuestionsYesNo
Gluten-free Beer LocationsYes (over 17,000)No

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