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The Gluten Dude app does not list any fast food restaurants. Why? Because your health is our greatest concern and there are way too many risks involved. Our goal is not more options, but safer options.

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Gluten Dude vs Find Me Gluten Free

Find Me Gluten FreeI often get asked why someone should download the Gluten Dude app if they already have Find Me Gluten Free. It's a fair question and one that deserves a fair answer.

Find Me Gluten Free has been around for many years and while I may not agree with many of their restaurant listings (i.e. describing McDonald's as 'celiac safe'), I am appreciative of their efforts to try to help the gluten-free community. But there are important differences between the two apps.

First and foremost, Find Me Gluten Free is only a restaurant directory. The Gluten Dude app is a more stringent restaurant directory, plus a whole lot more. It's a money saver (Let's Save). It's an airport directory (Let's Fly). It's a gluten-free beer finder (Let's Drink). It's a support system (Let's Discuss). Heck...it can even be a dating app (Let's Connect). It's all the tools you need to live a much easier gluten-free life. And it was created by someone who has had celiac disease since 2007 and has been a passionate and truthful advocate since 2011.

And there is one other very important difference: compared to the FMGF app, users cannot submit their own restaurants on the GD app. They can 'suggest' a restaurant and then our team reaches out to every suggested restaurant and asks them specific questions about their procedures in place to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. No restaurants go on the app unless they vet successfully.

Our goal is not to list every restaurant. Our goal is to list the restaurants that give you the greatest chance at a safe meal. And we vet/add restaurants on a daily basis.

Here's a quick comparison for you...

Feature Gluten Dude Find Me Gluten Free
Restaurant DirectoryYesYes
Notifications when a Restaurant in Your Area is Added to the AppYesNo
Non-GF Restaurants Described as Celiac Safe/FriendlyNoYes
Non-GF Restaurants VettedYes (with vetting note added)No
Fast Food Restaurants IncludedNo (way too much risk)Yes
Large Chain Restaurants IncludedNo (way too many variables)Yes
Researched Airport Directory with GF OptionsYesNo
Coupons to Online GF CompaniesYesNo
Forum to Get Support & Ask QuestionsYesNo
Gluten-free Beer LocationsYes (over 17,000)No
One-on-one Private ChatYesNo
AdvertisingNoYes (free plan)

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