Flying is stressful. finding gluten-free food at airports shouldn't be

Airports are notorious for their lack of gluten-free options. It's why we include every single eating establishment at over 100 airports around the world and your best options at each.

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Traveling while gluten-free can be a pain. We just made it easier.

Raise your hand if you've been at an airport, the flight has been delayed and you have no food. Yep...my hand is up. While we should all pack snacks while traveling, reality sometimes rears its ugly head and we are stuck and we are hangry. That is why we added an airport directory to the Gluten Dude app, the first of its kind.

We didn't simply list a few locations at each airport where you might have luck. We contacted every single eatery at over 100 airports around the world, got the low-down of what they offer and how much they understand cross-contamination and then showed your best option at each eatery. And yes...sometimes the best option is no option (or a cocktail!) Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

gluten free food at airports
finding gf food at airports

As you can see, for every eatery listed, the app includes the location in that airport, the description and your best options (if any.) The green boxes signify the choices you'll have at that eatery compared to other eateries. It's not exact science but it will allow you to scroll thru the screen and quickly see your best options.

Being prepared is the celiac life. But prepared when traveling as a celiac is essential. The Gluten Dude will be your best friend when traveling. Download it below and enjoy the 7 day free trial.

Download the app today and never fly hungry again.