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How many restaurants are currently on the app?

There are over 2,000 restaurants on the app and more are being added every single day as we continue to find 100% GF restaurants and personally vet restaurants that have been recommended by the celiac community. This will be an ongoing process as long as the app is in existence (which is forever.)

How are the restaurants that are 100% GF differentiated from the restaurants that are NOT 100% GF?

I wanted to make this extremely clear on the app so there is absolutely no confusion. On the main restaurant listings screen, I have two places where I specify the type of restaurant: 1) Text that says Yes/No whether it's 100% GF and 2) a green GF or orange CC icon. The GF icon means it's 100% GF and the CC icon means the possibility of cross-contamination (or celiac cautious...or charlie chaplin...or christmas cheer...I could go on all night).

On the restaurant detail screen, I have the same icon in white superimposed over the image up top.

And lastly...under each CC restaurant, I have a "Dude Vetting Note" which explains why I added this restaurant to the app.

And you can also search specifically for ONLY GF restaurants if you'd like.

How do you vet the restaurants that are not 100% gluten-free?

Here are the steps I take to make sure the risk of CC is minimized for you.

  • The restaurant needs to be either one that I have been to, or one that is recommended from someone in the celiac community.
  • If it's one that is recommended, I check out their website and also online reviews from a variety of sources.
  • If they pass this step, I then contact the restaurant directly and ask a number of questions. If they don't respond (which is more common and frustrating than you might think), I do not add them to the app.
  • If they do respond and I get the sense that have a grasp on the seriousness of celiac disease and do as much as they can to keep us from getting sick, then I add them to the app.
  • Under each restaurant that is not 100% GF, I add a "Dude Vetting Note" that explains why I added them to the app and any special precautions you should take.
Which countries are included in the restaurant listing?

As of right now: 100% GF restaurants in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, London, Mexico, New Zealand, France, Spain and the United States.

For the restaurants that are not 100%, only the United States so far but will be adding other countries as well.

Do you offer a free trial period?

Yes...7 days to test the waters.

What is the cost of the app?

The app is free to download and once you create an account, you get a 7-day free trial to give it a test drive. When the free trial ends, you can choose from three subscription levels: monthly ($5.99), semi-annual ($29.99), annual ($49.99).

Can I subscribe after my free-trial ends?

Yes. I do not take any upfront payment. After the free trial is up, you may subscribe at any time using the same email/password you used to create your account.

What do the subscription fees go toward?

Fair question. Believe me...I wish it could be free but reality says otherwise.

Let's just say building, hosting, maintaining, and updating an app is quite the costly venture. And between finding/vetting/adding new restaurants on a continual basis, keeping the beer locations updated on a regular basis, monitoring and being a large presence on the forum, this is pretty much a full-time gig and then some.

And please note there is no advertising on the app and there never will be and all establishments are listed for free. For those of you who know me, you know I am not about the "products" but about the "people" and that is the way I'll always keep it. I created this app FOR the GF community and my hope is it can be supported BY the GF community.

If you just use one coupon per month in the Let's Order section, that will cover your subscription fee right there.

How do I contact you about a restaurant I recommend?

There is a form in the app that allows you to suggest a restaurant. Or you can hit me up here.

You can also hit me up on social media.