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Gluten Dude is the only app that enhances community-trusted dining spots with additional safety checks, allowing you to dine confidently anywhere in the world. Plus, discover safe gluten-free options at airports, explore gluten-free beer locations, and enjoy exclusive coupons to GF companies. Purchase a lifetime subscription to Gluten Dude today, and embark on a worry-free, healthy gluten-free journey!

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Save $50 on Lifetime Access (Normally $149)

Save $50 on Lifetime Access (Normally $149)


Who is Gluten Dude? A Passionate Celiac Advocate Since 2011

A Lifetime of Benefits

  • Discover over 11,000 personally vetted restaurants all over the world, with more added every day.
  • Get notified when a new restaurant in your area gets added to the app.
  • Filter restaurants according to your own comfort level when eating out.
  • Save money with over 50 coupons to online GF companies.
  • Reduce the stress of traveling with the best GF options at over 100 international airports.
  • Get suggestions on the where to find GF food at hotels, vacation spots, arenas, and more.
  • Locate gluten-free beer at over 17,000 stores, restaurants and bars around the world.


It's more than a restaurant directory! It's all the tools you need for a simpler gluten-free journey, brought to you by a celiac disease advocate who understands and cares about the challenges you face.

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Over 11,000 vetted restaurants around the world, with more added every single day. Get lifetime access today.

Save $50 on Lifetime Access (Normally $149)

Save $50 on Lifetime Access (Normally $149)