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How do the Gluten Dude app and the Find Me Gluten Free app compare?

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Gluten Dude vs Find Me Gluten Free

FMGF has been around for many years and has certainly served the community well. While the GD app is certainly more stringent and offers more features, I am appreciative of the folks behind FMGF. I do get asked quite frequently how the two apps compare. So I thought I'd do a Dude breakdown.

Feature Gluten Dude Find Me Gluten Free
Restaurant DirectoryYesYes
Filter by 100% Gluten-freeYesYes
Filter by Celiac FriendlyNo (there's no such thing)Yes
Non-GF Restaurants VettedYes (with vetting note added)No
Restaurant Description & ImageYesNo
Fast Food Restaurants IncludedNo (too much risk)Yes
Coupons to Online GF CompaniesYesNo
Forum to Ask QuestionsYesNo
Gluten-free Beer LocationsYes (over 16,000)No
Airport Directory with GF OptionsYes (coming Fall 2022)No
One-on-one Private ChatYesNo
AdvertisingNoYes (free plan)