Gluten Dude: The ultimate mobile app for the celiac and gluten-free communities.

Dine safely at over 2,000 restaurants (and counting). Order online from over 130 gluten-free companies (look for the Gluten Dude coupons!!) Ask questions from the celiac community (and provide answers for those looking for guidance.) Chat privately with others in the community (and make a new gluten-free friend!) Locate gluten-free beer (over 7,000 retail locations.) All at the tip of your fingers.

Now available for download on both iOS and Android!

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Celiac disease has its challenges. The Gluten Dude app has the solutions.

Let's Eat

The Challenge: Finding safe places to eat.

The Solution: A directory of both 100% GF restaurants/bakeries and restaurants that are not 100% GF but have been recommended by the celiac community and personally vetted by me. New restaurants added every day. Eating without fear. What a concept.
help finding gluten free restaurants
gluten free restaurants on mobile app

Let's Order

The Challenge: Finding the gluten-free products that you love and discovering more delicious GF food.

The Solution: Did you know there are over 130 awesome GF companies that you can order from online and that will ship right to your doorstep? Everything from pasta to cookies to mixes to breads to cakes to muffins and more! The GD App has a directory of every one of these online companies, with a description of who they are and what they sell, and a direct link to their online store.

online gluten free companies

Let's Discuss

The Challenge: Getting bad/wrong advice or getting no advice at all in dealing with celiac disease.

The Solution: A forum where discussion is encouraged but fear-mongering and misinformation will be strongly discouraged. The internet is littered with falsehoods and dangerous information regarding celiac disease. You deserve to get honest answers from those who have been in your shoes.

iphone app for celiac disease

Let's Connect

The Challenge: Isolation...especially in these challenging times.

The Solution: Live chat. The app will connect you with others in the celiac/GF community, allowing one on one private chats. You’ll even have the option of providing your zip code, allowing people to search for others by location. Imagine traveling to a new town (when we can travel again) and not knowing anybody. Pull up the app, search your zip code and make a new friend!

gluten free chat room

Let's Drink

The Challenge: Locating gluten-free beer.

The Solution: Beer, sadly, is not gluten-free. The most popular "gluten-free" beers on the market today are actually "gluten-removed" and are not safe to drink. There are a handful of amazing 100% gluten-free beers out there, but they can be difficult to find. The Gluten Dude app shows the stores, bars and restaurants where you can purchase gluten-free beer.

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Who the Heck is Gluten Dude?

Good question. I'm a passionate and very outspoken celiac disease advocate. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008 and I launched my blog in 2011. In the 8 years since, I've written over 700 articles, received over 33,000 comments and the site has been visited over 9 million times.

I've helped a lot of people along the way, both publicly and privately, and will continue to do so via this mobile app. I've got a wonderful, spirited following on my blog and also on social media (over 50k followers). 

Oh...and I wrote a book.

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Kind Words from the Celiac Community